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Rinse Wash / Garment Wash / Garment Heavy Wash

Capability : 3.000.000 Pcs/Month.


Enzym Wash / Enzyme Stone Wash / Sand Wash Etc

Capability : 2.500.000 Pcs/Month.


Reactive / Pigment / Nano Pigment / Direct / Overdye / Asutex / CDS / OVD / Wave

Capability : 500.000 Pcs/Month.


All Kinds of Dry Processing

Capability : 1.500.000 Pcs/Month.

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The Annals of Developing

   Founded in 1985 as a professional laundry industrial in Taiwan, Hua Sin International Industrial has become a pioneer in the development of innovative washing and manufacturing system in a wide variety of washing field.    Over the years, PT. Hua Sin Indonesia was established in Indonesia in 1998 to enlarge our overseas market and provide honest services at highly competitive rates.    We have a new development center in Taiwan basic where created by Hong Kong people and Taiwanese ; Production technical basic were compose by mainland person, whose had passed our training top level in our training center.    Our laundry works normally in 24 hours with 3 shifts system, all machines and facility were import from Italy, Spain and Taiwan. We can do all basic and specialist washing such as garment dye, tie dye, dip dye, spray dye, sun wash, ozone wash, laser print, nano-tech wash, 3D crinkle, UV protection..etc.    We also take care about environmental issues motivated us to invested high art of technology waste water treatment and solar power energy facility in our entire factory plans, it can be reduce CO2 discharging, less carbon, as avoid the air pollution.

Washing Procedures

PT Hua Sin Apply Sustainable Equipment

PT Hua Sin Indonesia aware of the global condition and care about environment, therefore we continuously upgrade our equipment to reduce pollution to reach go green industry.

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